Uruguay Beer Brewery Equipment

Uruguay Beer Brewery Equipment

Capacity: 1000L
Material: SUS304
Heating: Steam
Control: semi-auto
Time: 2017
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Product Details

Uruguay beer brewery equipment

Specification of Uruguay beer brewery equipment

--- Three vessels brewhouse (Mash/Lauter; Boiling; Hot water tank)

--- 10m2 heat exchanger

--- 10L yeast adding tank

--- 50L wort buffer tank 

--- 2 horizontal motor 

--- 2 centrifugal pump 

--- Stainless steel operation platform

--- Inner thickness 3mm; Outer thinckness 2mm

--- Total capacity: 1300L; useful capacity: 1000L

This brewery equipment equipped with 1000L and 2000L fermentation tanks and the 2000L Bright beer tank 


Specification of Fermentation tanks and Beer bright tank 

--- Gross capacity: + 25-30% head space 

--- Dimple jacket cover in the tank body and bottom

--- CIP ball inside of the top tank 

--- Pressure gauge

--- CIP arm with air release valve 

---  Sampling valve 

--- beer inlet / outlet

--- 4 legs with support stick

--- 3 years warranty 

The accessaries of the beer brewery