Mini 300L Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment

Mini 300L Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment

Capacity:300L Price:25524
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mini 300L commercial beer brewing equipment

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Our company supplies many tyoe of commercial beer brewing equipment, it is designed for brewing the craft beer with commercial purposes for nanobrewery, microbrewery, brewpub, taproom and restaurant.

The brewers will find it easy to brew an outstanding full-bodied beers like Ale, Lager, Stout, IPA, etc. by using our brewery equipment under guidance. 
My compan offers the complete turn-key micro brewery equipment solutions consisting of malt milling, heating, controlling, installation, training and beer recipes.

Beer Brewing Equipment conbination

1) Milling unit: Malt mill+auger+hopper+hydrator etc

2) Brewhouse: Mash/ Kettle/ Whirlpool tank+lauter tank + Hot water Tank

3) Fermenters

4) Glycol water tank for fermentation cooling, with chiller

5) 100L CIP unit

6) PLC control Siemens

300L restaurant brewing beer equipment, with a capacity of 300L, this is a mash tun/ brew kettle, which is heated by electric heating of 18kw and 380V. Feed into this device. This is a lauter tun/whirlpool tank. The top is the lauter tun and the bottom is the whirlpool tank. It is used to make wort. This 300L beer equipment is equipped with 6 fermenters, producing 2-3 kinds of beer, covering an area of 22 square meters. Beer in the can shelf life can reach 6 months, can produce black beer, wheat, barley, fruit beer.

Mash tun, Lauter tun, Boiling Kettle, Whirlpool tun in various combination 
Hot water tank for optional in special combinations
Infusion or decoction brewing methods are designed exactly
Stainless steel or copper cladding is popular
Two stages heat exchanger for wort cooling

Completely stainless steel integrated work platform

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300l beer brewing equipment

300l beer brewing

1. Model:Fermentation Tank;

2. Raw Material: SUS304;

3. Thickness: Outer 2mm, Inner 3mm.

4. Working Pressure: 0.2Mpa;

5. Manway: Top or side manway

6. Polish: 0.4µm;

7. Pressure gauge, pressure release valve;

8. Racking arm: Optional;

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