Mirror Polishing Micro Brewery

Mirror Polishing Micro Brewery

Material:304 SS Function:brewing beer Application: small brewery Service:turnkey project Warranty:3 years
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Product Details

Mirror polishing micro brewery equipment


This is a small two vessels three tanks beer brewery brewhouse, the mashing tun share one vessel with the boiling kettle, it is heated by the steam, there will be a steam generator connect with the boiling kettle. As to the other vessel,

the lauter tun is on the top position, and the whirlpool tank is at the bottom. these two are seperated tanks.

There is a most striking features of this brewhouse, you can see, all the valves are gathered together in the

same part, it will save your energy and cut the operation time. Besides, it is also good-looking.

The mirror polishing micro fermentation tanks



As to the fermentation tanks, it got four adjusted legs, and also with the strengthen sticks. So that, it would be

more stable and save.

The cone angle is 60 degree.

Top pressure manway, no dead coner, it would be easier to clean the inside of the tank.

The little parts on the fermentation tanks

The temperature gauge

the aseptic sampling valve

the welding lines

the water seal exhaust valve

The raw material

304 stainless steel

If you doubt with the quality of the material. we can provide with the inspect report.