Horizontal Bright Beer Tank

This kind of Horizontal Bright Beer Tank has the advantages of exquisite processing, beautiful appearance, durability, easy for operation and maintenance.
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This kind of Horizontal Bright Beer Tank can be used for beer fermentation, including the traditional fermentation that is, the former fermentation, fermentation and storage of wine. The tank liquid level and temperature are used computer control system to achieve automatic control or semi-automatic control. The equipment pipe connections using quick-connect connection, to facilitate cleaning, maintenance and repair in the production. In addition, the Horizontal Bright Beer Tank has the advantages of exquisite processing, beautiful appearance, durability, easy for operation and maintenance. It can adapt to the continuous improvement of modern production, it conforms to the principle of optimization, and makes the operation more convenient, it greatly reduces labour costs and improves work efficiency. The Horizontal Bright Beer Tank is widely applied in restaurants, hotels and other occasions. 

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