Craft Beer Fermenting Tank

Craft Beer Fermenting Tank

Reference price:2500-3250USD
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TO: 1000L side manhole fermenters

Top manhole craft beer fermenting tank description

Generally our beer fermenter will be designed into a cylindrical cylinder, the bottom cover and top cover are butterfly

or cone. The top of the tank will be equipped with manholes, mirrors and carbon dioxide recovery ports, feed ports, pressure gauges and spare ports. The bottom of the corresponding tank will be equipped with a feeding port and a sewage outlet. The lower side of the tank body is equipped with a sampling port and a thermometer (of course, the position of each type of interface is reasonably changed according to the customer's process requirements and site conditions). the fermenter Generally, a closed structure is adopted. The advantages of the closed fermenter are:

it can prevent the contamination of bacteria, facilitate the heat preservation and cooling, control the fermentation temperature, increase the amount of alcohol growth, reduce the loss, recover carbon dioxide, and have a high fermentation rate.




Dimple cooling jacket

The fermenting tanks has two layer, inner jacket thickness is 3mm, with dimple cooling jacket.

The cooling jacket cover 80% area of the whole tank body, so the cooling effecient is much high.

The fittings and details

The sampling vavle and water seal air release valve

IMG_20171203_173322.jpg IMG_20171203_173332.jpg

supporting legs welding line and beer outlet

IMG_20171203_173422.jpg IMG_20171203_173442.jpg

The fermenters quality test

The fermenting tanks will test the pressure before shipping to maks sure it is in good condition.

pressure test.jpg

The stainless steel pipeline connection

Tanks load and delivery


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