Glycol Jacketed Conical Fermenter

Cooling method: glycol jacket
Material: SUS304 OR 316L
Manhole: Top or side
Fittings: sanitary
Warranty: 3 years
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During fermentation, heat is generated and must be cooled in order to allow fermentation and post ripening to take place at the set process temperature. Conical tank cooling cooling in two ways, that is, indirect cooling and direct cooling. Indirect cooling mode of the refrigerant is ethanol or a mixture of ethylene glycol and water, it is in the ammonia cooler evaporator tank cooling, the temperature is generally controlled at about -5 ℃, for wort cooling and fermentation tank cooling.


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Conical fermenter cooling device:
Insulation jacket: 80mm polyurethane mechanical foam insulation
Cooling: glycol cooling
Cooling jacket in the form of: ethylene glycol up and down to the cooling jacket
Miller plate cooling jacket, the plate because of Miller plate heat exchanger, while the refrigerant is also subject to perturbation of the honeycomb point was turbulent heat transfer, heat transfer coefficient increased significantly, more than 10% Miller board energy saving more than jacket.

Fermentation and cooling:
In the brewing, fermentation is the most important step. The fermentation contains top fermentation and bottom fermentation. The temperature of top fermentation is about 15°~25° and the bottom fermentation is about 9°~12°, and the fermentation time between them is different. We usually adopt bottom fermentation and it needs about 8-12days. In the pre-fermentation period,the yeast will do aerobic respiration and breed rapidly. When the oxygen is used up, the yeast will do anaerobic respiration and it is the time of production of alcohol. The temperature will raise up in the period, then the cooling system will cool the fermentation tank. After reaching a certain degree of fermentation, the yeast will down to the bottom of fermentation tank. In the period, the temperature need to down 1℃ per day. Then it is the time of after-fermentation after get rid of the yeast.

Packing and delivery
PE film, wooden case or iron frame according to your demand.


Due to the client's budget, capacity, production, automation, and equipment parts requirements vary, our company can be customized according to customer needs.

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