Jacketed Fermenters

Function: Fermenting beer
Cooling: ice water belt
Temperature control: automatic
Material: SUS304
All necessary fitting included
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Product Details

If you're a serious brewer who wants a truly professional beer brewing business, we have rich experience to offer you the professional equipment of the jacketed fermenter. And we promise to take your brewing to the next high level!
Our most popular fermenter is the 60 degree conical jacketed fermenter. The double layer with 80-100mm insulation PU layer. The glycol liquid belt is inside of the Jacket for cooling the wort.

The fermenters from 100L to 2000L

The drawing of the jacketed fermenter

drawing FT.png

Drawings FT 2.png

The advantages of the jacketed fermenters
1. The best SUS304 of China Food grade
Thickness: 3mm
With the material certification

2. Strong anti-corrosion ability and long service life
The material we used is SUS304. Inside the tank we can pickling passivation, and it will not influent the color, size, and thickness of product. And it also will not influent the ferformance of material. And the anti-corrosion ability will be stronger after passivation. And there will generate the complete, compact passive film which is not easy to destroy in the surface of stainless steel. So the service life will be extended, quality will be higher, the interior will be smoother and the tank will not be easy to infected bacteria.
A spraying B passivating completed C water washing D the interior of tank completed washing

Like the picture:


The fittings of the jacketed fermenter

All the fittings above is from the best supplier of China. If you want some special brand fittings or some world famous brand, we can make it for you.

The packing and delivery


The warranty of our fermenters
3 years warranty, within this time we offer you the free service to fix or even change a new one for you.

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