Mini 200L Beer Fermentation Tanks

Mini 200L Beer Fermentation Tanks

Capacity:200L Price;USD1363 Suitable for small factories
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mini 200L beer fermentation tanks




Material: stainless steel 304/316 Inner: 3.0mm Outer: 2.0mm; Single tank single control, Maitreya cooling jacket, temperature automatic control; Thickness of insulation layer: 80mm, mechanical foam, better insulation effect; Tonic pickling passivation, polishing accuracy Ra ≤ 0.4um; Pressure manhole door, superior hole, measured hole, optional; Hops dry device, you can take the pressure to dry wine hops, you can also do not have the pressure to dry hops; Carbon dioxide Inflation: Carbon dioxide carbonization unit; Positive and negative pressure safety valve: positive and negative pressure protection of the tank; Water seal exhaust valve: automatic pressure control, automatic exhaust; Working pressure: 0.2-2.2 bar Experimental pressure 0.4bar Welding: Internal double-sided welding Piping: argon protection welding 4 legs support, intermediate pull bar connection CIP cleaning: all-round cleaning



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Our company is a professional beer equipment manufacturer, our engineers have many years experience in brewing equipment field . We are specialized in professional design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of various beer equipments and supporting facilities. Our products include mashing equipment, fermentation equipment, yeast spread cultivation equipment, and refrigeration equipment for small and medium-sized brewery, hotel, pub and etc. Special equipments are acceptable, and also we can do the OEM for you, any questions, suggestions about our equipments, please feel free to contact us.


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