Open Top Fermenters

Function: Red wine fermenting
Material: stainless steel
Layer: single
Top: opened
Legs: 4 legs support
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Product Details

An open-top wine fermenters are an important piece of winemaking equipment. Made in stainless steel
The open-top fermenter (not sealed or closed) is ideal for fermenting small to medium parcels of red wine. Open fermentations work because of the carbon dioxide produced by the yeast during alcoholic fermentation acts as a blanket over the wine.

Square type of the open fermenters


There are some manufactures who make cube and rectangular shaped open-top tanks, designed to maximize the fermentation process. The square area compared with a round tank of the same width, offers 21% more contact surface area between the cap and the wine.
More specifically, these open top fermenters which provide a larger contact surface area also result in having a thinner cap of must. Therefore much easier for a winemaker to punch down and break the cap and submerge it into the wine. All this helps the winemaker to be as gentle as possible with the more fragile grapes, those needing extra care, thinner skinned grapes such as Pinot Noir.

Our project of the open wine fermenters

Also by using open-top fermenters you can have better control of the temperature and speed of fermentation. During fermentation of red grapes, parcels at lower-temperature can add aromatics and freshness, higher-temperature can add depth to the wine. Also by fermenting in different size tanks, different volumes with varied thickness of the cap and different temperatures, you have different flavours profiles and wine textures. The result is a broader range of blending options at the end for the winemaker.

The service
Pre-sale service:
1.Make the equipment details specifications to customers
2.We can supply the OEM process,according to the drawings,the samples to customized the beer equipment
3.Layout plan in CAD drawings of beer machine.
4.The competitive price and the timely delivery.

After-sale service:
1. Provide the required customs declaration files, timely tracking freight
2. The equipment main configurationgs for 3 years warranty time, such as the valves and so on.
3. Professional engineers for installation, commissioning, maintenance.
4. Directed by executable remote installation (with no experience in beer,equipment installation experience, can also perform operations, please make this clear before custom equipment, we have successful cases)

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