Beer Fermenting Tank

Material: SUS304
Inner treatment: Polishing
Welding: TIG
Bottom: 60 degree
Warranty: 3 years
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Product Details

For the beer brewing process, the fermentor is a closed container with precision control system.
Beer fermenting tank all parts are made of high quality stainless steel, in strict accordance with national standards in the minimum thickness requirements, non-pressure components are also used foreskin 2mm high quality stainless steel, real material plus professional design and manufacture is the quality assurance.




1, The inner liner adopts the international standard high quality stainless steel material, polyurethane high pressure foam insulation, skin according to customer requirements, can be polished in stainless steel, matt, carbon steel, spraying and other forms.
2, using international standard beer fermentation technology, real-time detection of online data, enabling remote monitoring technology, the tank internal mirror polishing, polishing quality standards up to 0.4um, fully meet the PLC automatic cleaning and disinfection system of the automatic control requirements.
3, fermenter cooling jacket at the same time meet the technical standards of countries in the world, to provide Melaleuca plate jacket heat transfer method to meet the needs of heat exchange technology.

Clean with CIP. There is a live alkali tank (with heating), a sterilization tankon a mobile platform, Temperature can be automatically controlled, a CIP pump and a control box. An outlet fermenter sewage outfall, a mouth L tube CIP cleaning, loop back and forth. First use caustic soda cleaning and then disinfection water. Easy to operate, very clean.


Cooling way

Dimple jacket

Cooling media

glycol water or alcohol water

unternal-Jacket(SUS304) thickness


External-Jacket(SUS304) thickness


side manhole


Design pressure


Working pressure