Craft 2000L Commercial Beer Fermentation Tank

Craft 2000L Commercial Beer Fermentation Tank

Capacity:2000L Material: stainless steel Price:USD4269
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craft 2000L commercial beer fermentation tank


Sampling valve
Stainless steel 304 aseptic sampling valve, connection method: quick loading
exhaust valve
Mechanical exhaust valve: 304 stainless steel water seal exhaust valve, accuracy 0.2--2.2BAR,
Pressure gauge
0-0.6Mpa, shockproof pressure gauge
Platinum resistance thermometer
Ice water solenoid valve
Ice water solenoid valve: Ф 25, electric power: 24V, with the temperature probe, automatically open
Temperature Transmitter
Connected to PT100
Wine outlet valve
Drain valve
Wine outlet valve: stainless steel 304, size: φ32, connection: fast loading
Drain valve: stainless steel 304, size: φ38, connection: fast loading
Cleaning ball
CIP cleaning special, stainless steel 304, 360 degree all-round cleaning, size: φ32, connection: wire connection.
Shaft valve
Shaft valve: stainless steel 304 material, φ32

All use SUS304 stainless steel plate,
The total volume is 5500L, the effective volume is 4000L;
Dimensions: φ1700×4200mm; the ratio of the diameter to the height of the liquid level of the cylinder is 1:1, 1:1.5, this size is 1: 1.27, the total height of the diameter and the wort liquid level, mainly refers to the cylinder part. Usually the cone angle is 60-75 degrees,
Upper disc seal and lower cone seal;
Maximum working pressure: tank body 2bar, jacket with a maximum resistance of 0.2bar;
Liner polishing, pickling passivation;
Outsourcing stainless steel wire drawing board on the outer surface;
Cooling method: ice water cooling jacket, cooling adopts two-stage independent cooling, controlled by solenoid valve;
Washing method: fixed washing ball Ф25, washing working pressure 2bar, connection method internal thread;
Dual temperature measurement points (temperature-tube section against cone) and platinum thermal resistance;
Pressure gauge 0-0.6MPa, pressure discharge mechanical pressure regulating valve with water seal Ф38;
Breathing valve, Ф50 opening pressure 0.001-0.003MPa, exhaust pressure 0.22 MPa;
Sanitary welded sampling valve DN25;
Polyurethane foam insulation, the thickness of the insulation layer is 100 mm;
Outlet Ф38;
Cooling area: 5.5m2;


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