Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

Material: SUS304/316L
Function: wine fermenting
Cooling method: glycol jacket
Capacity: as your require
Welding: double side welding
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Product Details

Stainless steel wine tanks are used sanitary ware 304/316 stainless steel.
They are more resistant to higher pressures than conventional rotomolding tanks and are widely used in many high pressure applications. There is also a notable feature of stainless steel tanks: excellent tank sealing to completely eliminate airborne Intrusion of harmful substances and mosquitoes to ensure that the liquid stored in the tank will not be contaminated by the outside world, will not breed red worms, so most of the stainless steel storage tank for food storage and medicine, and is widely used in wine and dairy industry.

Stainless steel wine tank features:
1. Stainless steel tank has strong corrosion resistance, it is free from outside air and water chlorine corrosion. Each tank are subject to super-pressure test and inspection before delivery, and the product quality is guaranteed.
2 stainless steel tank sealing is good; sealed design completely eliminate the airborne dust in the harmful substances and mosquito intrusion tank, to ensure that water quality from outside pollution and breed red worms.
3. Stainless steel tank without frequent cleaning; sediment in the water only periodically open the bottom of the sewage valve can be discharged. Every 3 years to use simple equipment to remove scale once, greatly reduce the cost of cleaning and completely avoid bacterial contamination of the human body.

● container insulation materials using high temperature, anti-aging polyurethane foam.
● The interface adopts the international standard quick loading chuck type, the inner liner is imported 316L or 304, the inner surface is mirror polished Ra≤0.28μm, the outer surface is matte, mirror, sandblasting or cold-rolled primary color matt.
● Spout: There are liquid level gauge (digital or glass tube), air breathing port, thermometer (digital or dial), CIP cleaning port, sight glass, explosion-proof lights, Manhole and so on.
● Volume with 50L-50000L, etc., but also according to the actual needs of customers design, manufacture.

Service & Guarantee
a.) Free consultation service before, during, and after sales;
b.) Project planning and design services,CAD,3D.The CAD design need 2-3 workdays. The 3D design need 7 days.
c.) Management of equipments' long distance shipping from seller's factory to named port or station by buyer;
d.) Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;
e.) New production techniques;
f.) Provide 36 months complete warrantee for tanks body and life-time maintenance service; All of the accessories and auxuliaries facilities are guaranteed for one year; The seller is responsible for the nature damage of the machinery in the warranty period except for man-made damage. All
spare parts and wearing parts are attached with the machinery for free.

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