Wine Fermenters

Wine Fermenters

Material:sus304 Function:wine fermenting warranty:3 years Cooling method:dimple jacket Delivery:20-30days
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Stainless steel wine fermentation tank

It is mainly used to ferment wine, beverages and various ingredients. It is an indispensable fermentation equipment for the production of alcoholic beverages and beverages. It is equipped with different fermentation tanks according to different fermentation process requirements for wines and wines, and can be equipped with water-cooled refrigeration units. , Plate sterilizer / tube sterilizer, fermentation tanks, frozen tanks, storage tanks, water treatment systems, etc. The results of wine fermentation storage system, especially for brewery, factory use.

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The cooling dimple jacket

The details of the wine fermentation tank

IMG_6063.JPG IMG_6064.JPG

Other attached devices are as follows: mixer; inlet and outlet; cold, hot water inlet and outlet; manhole; thermometer; liquid level indicator; high and low liquid level alarm; anti-fly, dust respiration breathing hole; sterile sampling Mouth; meter; CIP cleaning sprinkler; sterile air filter;

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