Winery Tanks

Winery Tanks

Function: wine making tanks
Capacity: 5000 Liters
Material: SUS304
Delivery: 40-50 days
Service: turnkey project
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Product Details

Winery tanks

Capacity: 5000L;

Material: SUS304

Equiped with:

Glycol belt for cooling down the tanks, one top manhole, one bottom manhole.The bottome manhole

opened outwards. Temperature cotrol; sampling valve; Circulation spray system; Liquid level gauge.

Sieve filter ;insulation layer.



Usually, the fermentation temperature of white wine is controlled at 18-22 ° C, the time is about

15 days, the fermentation temperature of red wine is controlled at 25 -30 ° C, and the time is about

7 days. Generally, cooling measures should be taken during the fermentation process. Leaching,

interlayer cooling, etc.

Integral angle of the winery equipment




We offer the turnkey project also we offer the installation service to your location.

All th equipment warranty is 3 years.

With all the necessary certificate.