Factors affecting the cleaning index of beer fermentation tank

- Mar 21, 2018-

1. The size of the adsorption capacity between the dirt and the metal surface is related to the roughness of the metal surface. The rougher the metal surface, the stronger the adsorption force between the dirt and the surface, and the more difficult it is to clean.

2. The characteristics of the dirt also have a certain relationship with the cleaning effect. It is much more difficult to remove dried dirt than to remove new ones. Therefore, after a production cycle is completed, the fermentation tank must be cleaned as soon as possible, which is not convenient, and it should be cleaned and sterilized before next use.

3, scouring strength is the main factor affecting the cleaning effect. Whether it is flushing the pipe or the tank wall, the cleaning effect is best when the lotion is in a turbulent state. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively control the flushing strength and flow rate so that the surface of the device is fully wetted to ensure the best cleaning effect.

4. The effectiveness of the cleaning agent itself depends on its type (acid or base), activity, and concentration.

5. In most cases, the cleaning effect increases with temperature.

A large number of tests have shown that when the type and concentration of the cleaning agent are determined, the effect of cleaning at 50° C. for 5 minutes and at 20° C. for 30 minutes is the same.