Small beer equipment matters needing attention

- Mar 21, 2018-

1. When the voltage is too low or fluctuates greatly, it should be shut down. After normal operation, it will be turned on again. Generally, it will wait for 3 minutes before shutting down.

2. When the host is being transported, it is necessary to cut off the power supply and prohibit tilting;

3. Unplug the power supply after the end of the sale;

4. The automatic thermostat has been adjusted at the factory, users do not need to adjust to avoid the ice layer is too thick to cause failure;

5. Check the water level and water quality in the tank every 15 days during normal use, and regularly clean the wine tubes. Clean the wine barrel with special cleaning bottled water and special detergent, put on the dispenser, adjust the carbon dioxide gas pressure, cycle cleaning 2 times, then rinse with water, and then use carbon dioxide gas to dry the water, change the water and cleaning process pay attention Do not splash water on the motor;

6. Regularly clean the dispenser and wine head, and soak the sealing rubber ring with warm water of about 50 degrees for 5 minutes to keep the rubber elastic;

7. When the machine is not used for a long time, you should let it go. Clean the wine pipe and wipe the outer wall of the machine. Put it on the box and store it in a dry place.