The daily maintenance of craft beer equipment

- Mar 21, 2018-

Every time you finish using the craft beer equipment, you may use a soft towel to carefully wipe the parts that are easily contaminated. If the dust accumulates for a long time, it will form a kind of thick dust that becomes difficult to remove, not only affecting the entire The appearance of the product is beautiful, and it will greatly reduce the quality of the product.

Always check whether the components of the craft beer equipment are in good condition. As long as parts are found to have various problems, such as aging, shedding, and corrosion, they must be processed to avoid problems during use and economic losses. .

If you do not use brewing equipment for a long time, you need to apply appropriate amounts of lubricating oil and rust preventive oil to each of its lubrication components and connections, which can greatly increase production efficiency and extend its service life.