The most important material for craft beer equipment

- Mar 21, 2018-

1, malt: The main raw material for beer brewing, commonly known as the heart of beer. Barley is used because he has a high starch content. At the same time, the wheat barley is degranulated from barley until it is processed into malt and still adheres to the malt. The necessary filter layer can be formed in the subsequent production process.

2, hops: give beer bitter taste, is the soul of beer. Affects the aroma of beer. The quality of beer depends in particular on the quality of the flowers.

3. Water: Water is the most used raw material for brewing beer and is the blood of beer. During brewing, water affects the characteristics and quality of beer through the production process. In addition, water is also required for many processes in the malting plant and brewery.

4. Yeast: The alcoholic fermentation in beer is carried out by the action of yeast, so yeast is necessary for beer brewing. The byproducts of yeast have a great influence on the quality of the beer.