The working principle of beer equipment

- Mar 21, 2018-

The basic principle of beer equipment: the malt and rice are crushed by a pulverizer to a grinding degree suitable for saccharification manipulation, and then the pulverized malt and the starch material are respectively added into warm water to gelatinize, and then the temperature is adjusted. The starch is placed in a mashing pot and the temperature is maintained at 45-52 degrees Celsius for protein degradation. The crushed malt was liquefied in a gelatinizing pot and was maintained at 62-70 degrees before it was suitable for saccharification to produce wheat bran. Then use leaching or boiling to increase the temperature of wheat bran. The wort was then filtered and placed in a boiled pot and boiled. The hops were adjusted to a certain concentration. Hot coagulum was separated from the swirling sedimentation tank, and the clarified wort was cooled in the cooler to 5-8°C. Fermentation: The cooled wort is added with yeast to the fermentation tank or cylindrical cone bottom fermentor for fermentation, cooled with a coil or jacket and controlled for temperature.