Beer Equipment CE Certification PED Directive

- May 15, 2020-

Beer Equipment CE Certification PED Directive

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Beer, as one of the oldest beverages in the world, has a history of 4000-5000 years. According to different raw materials and brewing techniques, craft beer varieties can brew beer with various flavors and aromas. Craft beer equipment can be divided into home brewing equipment, hotels, barbecues, restaurants, small beer equipment, small brewery production equipment, and medium-sized brewery production equipment according to different places of use. The whole set of equipment consists of crushing system, saccharification system, fermentation system, refrigeration system, control system, CIP system, water treatment system, etc.

Among them, fermentation tanks, sake tanks and other equipment have a certain pressure, which are all pressure vessel products in the EU PED directive. Therefore, the export of such brewing equipment to the EU requires the PED directive of the EU CE certification.

How does an enterprise apply for CE certification of such equipment?

Filed an application request to Slovakia TI, TI reviewed the materials and witnessed the test, and Slovakia TI issued a certificate.

At present, most of the CE certificates of winery equipment manufacturers are certificates issued by an Italian agency. Although such certificates are not fake certificates, they generally do not go through the formal certification process and directly spend money to buy certificates. Such certificates are exported. There are serious customs clearance risks in the process, and most of them are not approved by customers. It may even be found that the market audit agency does not meet the CE requirements and charged by consumer protection groups.

Slovakia TI specializes in the EU CE certification of pressure vessel products. Bulletin No. 1354, TI can cover all pressure vessel EU directives, has a high degree of recognition in the EU market, and improves the formal certification process to withstand the inspection of all parties. After years of hard work in China, Slovakia TI has completed the localization of audits in China, witnessed the localization, and issued certificates for localization.