Beer Equipment Process

- Mar 21, 2018-

The production efficiency and automation of the brewed beer equipment have reached the international advanced level. The whole set of equipment consists of raw material smashing equipment, saccharification and filtration equipment, fermentation equipment, CIP cleaning system, refrigeration system and distribution system. The beer equipment is easy to operate and humane. In the design, the equipment covers an area that is small, and the brewing process largely maintains the natural freshness and nutrients of the brewed beer.

Due to the on-site brewing of micro beer equipment, it can be consumed on site, and can be brewed without a bacterial infection system, without filtering, without high temperature treatment, without any unique process of additives and truly integrated with whole malt brewing. Therefore, the taste is more pure, fresher, more nutritious and more hygienic. In particular, the production process does not add any additives. It cannot be compared to any bottled beer. It is truly authentic and all-natural beer, which can be regarded as a boutique in beer boutiques.