Beer Equipment Production Process Which Several Aspects?

- Nov 28, 2018-

1. Sugar process. Potato and cereal and wild plant raw materials are steamed under pressure, starch paste becomes dissolved, but it can not be directly decomposed by yeast and fermented to produce alcohol. Therefore, after cooking, the mash must be added before fermentation, so that the dissolved starch becomes a sugar that can be fermented by yeast. Such a process of conversion from starch to sugar is called saccharization. The glycosylation process is the hydrolysis of amylase or acid, which turns starch into fermentable sugar. In addition, there are two kinds of glycolating agents commonly used in alcohol production: malt and Koji, which are commonly used as glycolating agents in China.
2. Fermentation process. Glucose is hydrolyzed to form ethanol under the action of alcoholase to form a fermentation liquid. Moreover, during the fermentation process of brewing beer equipment, a wide variety of microorganisms and aromatic substances will be produced in the cellar, and slowly penetrate the mud cellar to become a rich source of natural aroma. The longer the cellar age, the more microorganisms and aromatic substances, the stronger the aroma; The newly born cellar has few and uneven microorganisms, and there are also unstable factors in metabolism, so the brewed wine will have a heavy new mud taste. The old mud cellar is useful for the continuous purification and enrichment of microorganisms because of its long time of use. The wine produced is also getting better and better, and it is more and more fragrant. Therefore, the longer the use time, the better the wine produced in the pit.
3. Filtering process. In ancient times, the filtering technology of wine was not mature, and wine was turbid, called "white wine" or "turbid wine." Nowadays, the development and application of alcohol filters with high filtration accuracy and efficiency has effectively promoted the development of the wine industry. The promotion and application of wine filters make beer, wine, yellow wine, etc. transparent, clear and stable, changing the appearance of the finished wine. This not only reflects the high quality of wine, but also can induce consumers 'desire to drink.
4. Sterilizing process. Brewing wine is a kind of food brewed with grain and fruit. It has rich nutrients and contains amino acids as well as proteins and vitamins. However, due to the fact that wine is produced and processed, there are inevitably miscellaneous bacteria in the air and containers, and the wine itself also produces a large number of yeast and enzyme bacteria during the fermentation process. In order to make the brewing wine store and add fragrance, The key to ensure that liquor is stored for a long time without deterioration is to do a good job of sterilization. That is to say, when using the device, because of the use of brewing beer, Gaoye is responsible for people's health in the environment.