Beer Pub Decoration And Success Case

- Jun 26, 2018-

The craft beer are getting popular day by day, lots of craft beer fans willing to possess their own beer pub, here i introduce you some demostic pub case for your reference.

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Important tips for the pub decoration : the green plants and light play a important role 

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The determination of space in the bar decoration design generally needs to follow the following principles

1: The space layout should be reasonable, the bar space is certain, how to make our design accommodate 

more people in a limited space? Some bars like to divide the whole bar into several areas during the 

decoration design, giving guests a feeling of private dining. The design of such a bar space needs to be 

decided according to the number of guests in different areas. The space is too small to give people a feeling 

of restraint. Excessive space gives people a feeling of emptyness. It means that guests do not feel crowded 

and disorganized. At the same time, they also need to meet the environmental requirements of the guests. 

So how big our bar space is designed is based on this principle.

2.When designing the layout, pay attention to the design of the bar walkway. The walkway should not be too

 narrow and should be easy to walk.

3. An ideal bar decoration environment needs to create a specific atmosphere in the space design to satisfy 

people's various psychological needs. The first-class space design is the perfect combination of spirit and technology. It is bold and personal in its layout and color. It scrutinizes every detail and achieves perfection.


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Today's bar decoration design is not only a matter of brushing the wall and laying the floor. It also pays more

 attention to creating the atmosphere of people's spirit. We need more of a simple bar decoration design for

 people. Affective attention, the introduction of the bar culture, can quickly integrate people into, get good entertainment, and bring more customers. In fact, the bar decoration is also a culture. In the decoration of the

 bar, we must pay attention to the protection of the local bar culture. It is also a relatively simple process to

 integrate into the local market. Music, wine and beauty are the basic framework of a bar. This is the only

 place where bars in different regions, different styles and different themes are the same. Nowadays, the 

development of various bars has become more complicated, but when the bar is designed and decorated, 

the lighting is still a good expression means, and the role of the overall atmosphere can not be buried.

 For example, the debauchery seems to have become synonymous with the bar, which is also a culture.