How To Make Good Wine With Craft Beer Equipment

- May 07, 2020-

How to make good wine with craft beer equipment

1. R & D Design Formula
Friends who like craft beer know that craft beer needs to be tasted in person! It can only be distinguished after tasting. Each craft beer equipment produces different brewing flavors, and each has its own flavor!

So, how to distinguish the taste and difference of craft beer? First, we must clearly measure the various indicators and parameters of craft beer, such as: bitterness, color, alcohol, etc. And the flavor of craft beer? Fruity, malt, yeast, spice, or milk?
2. Do a good job of disinfection, sanitation and cleaning of craft brewing equipment
Old friends who like craft beer and often drink craft beer may know that this is a topic that is often talked about by old people. Why do you often hang in your mouth? Because the hygiene is not up to standard, sour wine is a common meal, and the cans are not washed well. What are you talking about? Do a good job of sanitation, disinfection, cleaning, etc., more useful and more confident.

3. Make preparations before brewing. Before brewing, prepare what you need first. The smooth and calm brewing process will increase the confidence of the winemakers, and the taste of the brew will be good!

4. Be sure to fill in the brewing record form carefully when making records. Record recipes, record temperatures, etc. Record the recipe, you can also summarize the shortcomings, and improve it in the next brewing, keep improving!