How To Choose Right To Buy Craft Beer Equipment

- Apr 22, 2020-

How to choose right to buy craft beer equipment

So for those who are new to craft beer and want to try to open a store, how to choose the right craft beer equipment? Zunhuang Xiaobian tells everyone about craft beer equipment manufacturers to briefly analyze.

How to choose the craft beer equipment you want depends on the beer brewing process and equipment configuration. Understanding these is the key.

The brewing process of beer equipment mainly considers the matching of saccharification process requirements and equipment functional requirements. It mainly involves three aspects:

1. The choice of whether the saccharification process is the boiling method or the leaching method.

2. The problem of hot water washing or cold water (tap water) washing.

3. Equipment heating method: is it electric heating, steam heating, or direct fire heating?

Electric heating or steam heating mainly involve cost and saccharification process issues.

(1) Electric heating: Install an electric heating tube in the tank of the saccharification equipment, which is directly heated by electric energy; boil hot water and boil wort. Electric heating is suitable for "mixing mash method" is not suitable for "step by step heating". Equipment above 500L is not recommended.
    (2) Steam heating: A steam jacket is installed on the outside of the inner tank of the saccharification equipment, and a matching steam boiler (scientific name: steam generator) is heated by steam. (Types of steam generators: electric boilers, fuel oil boilers, gas boilers.)

In terms of operation, electric heating and steam heating: the steam heating equipment is easy to clean, and the electric heating maintenance is troublesome. For saccharification equipment, steam heating is recommended.

Electric heating can only use the mash method (electric heating tube to boil hot water and boil wort), and it is not suitable for saccharification by stepwise heating method. Electric heating maintenance is more troublesome than steam heating. Electric heating is local high temperature, uneven heating.

(3) Direct fire heating: There is a furnace below the saccharification equipment to burn natural gas or coal. Now the direct fire heating equipment mainly burns natural gas. In some places abroad, the price of steam generators is extremely high. In order to reduce the cost of equipment purchase, direct fire heating is used.

In terms of investment cost: Electric heating saves the cost of a boiler over steam heating.

In summary, the configuration requirements and process suggestions for how to purchase craft beer equipment: