Make Craft Beer A National Drink

- Apr 27, 2020-

Make craft beer a national drink

In the face of rising consumer enthusiasm, in addition to large beer companies launching craft beer production lines, small craft breweries everywhere have sprung up, and bars and craft bars featuring craft beer have also appeared, and more Senior craft brewing enthusiasts will place carefully selected craft brewing equipment at home, and experience the fun and taste change of craft brewing in home brewed beer. Compared with imported equipment that is expensive and difficult to maintain, the craft beer equipment developed by Jiangsu Famaixiang Brewing Equipment Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been trusted by craft operators and craft lovers, and various types of equipment are sold nationwide. Has become a well-deserved "waterman" in the "craft economy".

Which craft brewing equipment is easy to use? Which craft brewing equipment is easy to get started? What are the criteria for selecting craft beer equipment? "If the craft brewing technology can be continuously improved in long-term learning and communication, then the final" out of the oven "of any can of craft beer is inseparable from the help of a whole set of craft brewing equipment.

"Workers want to do their best, they must first sharpen their weapons. The charm of craft beer lies in its tradition and craftsmanship. It requires a lot of time and energy from the brewer. And the fun of it is that the brewer can choose according to his Preferences, freely add other accessories to the basic raw materials, blending out a variety of flavors, full of unknown and mystery. "A senior brewer in Beijing told reporters," The fermentation period of craft beer is up to 2 months, crushed , Saccharification, fermentation and other processes need to be completed with the aid of professional equipment, so the quality and function of the equipment are higher. "

Not only that, people also have to determine the volume and capacity of craft brewing equipment based on their site scale. "The equipment of the brewery is definitely not the same as the equipment of the household. The factory equipment must be fully functional, large in capacity, easy to install, and easy to operate. At the same time, it should also pay attention to less garbage and low sewage discharge, which will help In order to increase the output of craft beer and effectively reduce operating costs. Households tend to have moderate prices, high quality and easy to carry, and do not take up much space. "

This is also the reason why Famaixiang series craft brewing equipment is so popular. It is reported that the Famaxiang R & D team has visited many countries to study the craft of craft beer in detail, and in the communication with many craft masters, continuously improve the equipment functions. Combined with the domestic market situation, it deeply explores the personalized needs of small breweries, bars, restaurants, teaching institutions, family users and other groups, innovates and upgrades products with strong research and development capabilities and superb manufacturing standards, and launches a series of crafting equipment Recognized by users, cooperative customers are now all over the country.