How To Brew Dark Beer With Brewed Beer Equipment?

- May 11, 2020-

How to brew dark beer with brewed beer equipment?


The fermentation time is 10-21 days. Some German beer estates have a fermentation period of 28 days, so that the beer can slowly ferment at low temperatures, with a softer flavor, longer fragrance, and richer foam. Home-brewed beer is a premium beer, often sold in high-end places in star hotels. Then this article will show you how to use the knowledgeable self-brewed beer brewing equipment is correct.

Dark beer brewed with beer brewing equipment is a draft beer. The color of dark beer is usually greater than 40EBC, the wine is reddish brown, the body is mellow, the foam is fine, the bitterness is moderate, the reputation of dark milk, suitable for drinking in the cold season.

First: material selection. Self-brewed beer equipment usually uses high-solubility, darker color, smaller particles of high-quality malt, containing about 10% of black malt, sometimes using the right amount of amber malt, we also asked him to increase the malt flavor of the finished beer to avoid excessive burnt Bitterness affects the taste of beer. Rye malt breakage can be properly thickened to prevent filtration difficulties.

Two: Add sugar color toner. It can be the amount of standard color can be finished beer, white wine generally does not exceed 0.2% can be added in the beer brewing beer filtration device. Since the taste of beer depends heavily on the quality of the colorant, in recent years the color of maltose, which is close to the wort, and dissolved in good condition is the basic ingredient. Colorant is preferred, but do not add too much.

The third is production. If mass production of dark beer is considered, yeast saccharification and fermentation equipment needs to be equipped to ensure that the quality of dark beer brewed by self-brewed beer equipment is stable and avoid interference with the production of other varieties of products.