How Do You Deal With These Problems In The Equipment When Brewing Beer?

- May 13, 2020-

How do you deal with these problems in the equipment when brewing beer?

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Craft beer equipment

1. How to solve the wort filtration is too slow?
1. Check if the grate is placed properly.

2. The grate should be laid flat and there should be no gap between the lower washer.

3. If the malt is crushed too fine, the filtration will be slow.

2. What should I do if there is no pressure during the normal fermentation period of the fermentor?
1. First close the upper valve of the fermentation tank and observe whether the pressure rises. If the pressure can rise, adjust the safety valve.

2. If the air pressure cannot rise, connect a carbon dioxide gas cylinder to inflate the fermentation tank. The air pressure is maintained at 0.1Mpa. Use soapy water to check for leaks at the union port, the little red cap interface, and the pressure gauge connector.

3. The wort does not flow or the flow rate is slow in the sight glass during filtration
the reason:

1. The malt is crushed too fine, which causes the filter layer to be too viscous and slow to filter.

2. The grate is not placed properly, causing too much wheat husk and particles to flow into the pipeline and block the pipeline.

Method: 1. Use a centrifugal pump to backflush. If there is no water in the saccharification pot, add a small amount of cold water to the saccharification and boiling pot. Turn on the pump and backflush it, but pay attention to the time to start the pump is short and fast, otherwise it will damage the filter tank. The entire filter layer. 2. If the backflushing is still slow, but relatively clear, you can only wait for slow filtering.

3. If there is still no flow after backflushing, you can re-mix the malt mash in the upper filter tank, re-pump it into the saccharification and boiling pot, put the grate again and filter again.

4. After the beer fermentation is completed, there is too much foam when putting wine
The reason for the foam is caused by the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the fermentor and the carbon dioxide dissolved in the wine is too saturated. You can release the pressure in the fermentor and release it to 0.09Mpa. It should be slowly deflated during deflation. Beer spewed out.