How Is Draft Beer Different From Other Beers?

- May 25, 2020-

How is draft beer different from other beers?

How is draft beer different from other beers?
         The price of draft beer is 35 higher than that of the same amount of cooked beer. The reasons are as follows: First, because it is a fresh beer, it maintains the good taste and nutrition of beer;
Second, in the production process, the requirements are strict, and the equipment investment is large. Before filling, it must be filtered by membrane or pore to remove microorganisms in S, and the beer barrel and production environment must also be strict;
Third, the sales method D special, to cool down and supplement carbon dioxide through the fresh beer sales machine, and use carbon dioxide to send beer to the beer, the beer touches the air and produces an oxidative smell;
Fourth, it is because the shelf life of fresh beer in barrels is not long, and the risk borne by the distributors. If it cannot be sold in time, it will cause great economic losses.
Fifth, it is a commercial factor. Because Zhabei is a new type of commodity, in order to maintain its own value and at the same time for its long-term survival, it raises its value as soon as it comes out. Later, because of consumer psychological reasons, hotels and restaurants have launched this product to cater to the psychology of some fashionable consumers. Regardless of the reason, its special flavor always makes consumers have a soft spot for it. .