The Beer Equipment Is Almost The Same. Why Does The Beer You Brewed Not Taste Good?

- Jun 01, 2020-

The beer equipment is almost the same. Why does the beer you brewed not taste good?

At present, craft beer equipment is very popular for brewing craft beer, from the early craft beer that can be drunk in hotels and restaurants to the current craft beer house, craft beer hall and craft beer bar. I will feel that some craft beer taste is not good. Our craft beer equipment manufacturers will summarize the factors that affect the taste of craft beer here.

Craft beer equipment manufacturers tell you that you need to meet the following conditions if you want to brew craft beer with good taste.

1. A set of good craft beer equipment is needed first. This is critical. Good equipment has good sealing performance and no air leakage. Yeast can evaporate during fermentation to obtain nutrients; yeast can sink, Recycling yeast makes the liquor clear and free of impurities, and the beer achieves a good taste. A complete set of beer equipment from saccharification to fermentation is automatically controlled to reduce human operations, so as not to allow the liquor to contact the air too much, which affects the quality of beer.

2. Strictly follow the brewing process of craft beer, the temperature of the washing water is controlled below 76 °, and the delivery of raw materials for brewing is strictly controlled;

3. The requirements of water, strictly check the content of water and alkali before making wine

4. Pick good raw materials for brewing.

In addition to good self-brewing equipment, brewing craft beer that you are satisfied with. Good beer ingredients and qualified brewers need a hot heart that loves craftsmanship! Only when you love craftsmanship and study craft beer will you produce good wine and carry forward the spirit of craft beer.

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