How To Use Craft Beer Equipment To Brew Craft Beer?

- Jun 19, 2020-

How to use craft beer equipment to brew craft beer?


1. Preparation of raw materials

   (1) Raw material: Water is the essence of beer, what kind of water determines the taste of beer. Tap water that meets the standards is the best.

   (2) Malt: should choose good malt

   (3) Hops: Hops determine beer foam and taste

   (4) Yeast: Yeast is divided into Al (upper fermentation) and Lager (lower fermentation). Her role is to convert fermentable sugars into carbon dioxide and alcohol.

   Second, the specific brewing process of craft beer

   (1) Preparation of beer raw malt in the early stage:

   The first step: select malt, malt is divided into different types, the selected malt is the basis for brewing craft beer;

   The second step: the soaking of malt, the main function is to remove the dust, debris and other harmful substances in the malt, increase the water content of the malt, and reach the ideal state of the malt;

   The third step: malt germination, the main function is to convert the inside of the wheat grain into various enzymes, among which high molecular substances such as starch, hemicellulose, protein, etc. are decomposed, in order to meet the needs of later saccharification;

   The fourth step: drying and coking: remove the water in the malt, avoid the spoilage of the malt, and facilitate storage. At the same time, remove the malodorous malt in the malt, stop the growth of the malt and store and decompose, at this time produce malt fragrance;

   The fifth step: remove the root of the malt. The root has strong hygroscopicity, which is not easy to store the malt. At the same time, the root bud has a bad bitter taste. If it is not removed, it will affect the taste of beer.