How Many Brewing Methods Does A Beer Equipment Have?

- Apr 24, 2020-

How many brewing methods does a beer equipment have?

A beer equipment consists of two systems:

1. Saccharification system: Popularly speaking, it is a device that turns malt into wort.

The saccharification system is composed of three parts:

(1) Upper filter

The purpose of filtration is to separate the grain and wort.

After the crushed malt is saccharified, we get the wort we want, we no longer need the malt grain, so we need to separate the wort

2) Middle glycosylation

The purpose of saccharification is to extract the soluble substances from malt to obtain wort which is suitable for brewing refined beer.

(3) Bottom cooling

The purpose of cooling is to quickly reduce the temperature of wort to the temperature suitable for fermentation.

2、 Fermentation system: it is used to ferment wort.

The fermentation system is composed of temperature control system, refrigeration system and automatic cleaning system, from which the finished brewed beer is produced. It can also be used as a wine machine.