Small Brewery Saccharification Equipment Configuration

- May 09, 2020-

Small brewery saccharification equipment configuration

For small breweries, all necessary containers for wort production are installed in the saccharification workshop. The small saccharification workshop can be composed of 2 saccharification containers 1. Saccharification filter tank: it can realize dual purpose of saccharification and wort filtration (1). 2. Gelatinization boiling pot: It can realize gelatinization and wort boiling (1 pc). This two-unit saccharification equipment can produce 1-2 pots per day, usually suitable for hotels, bars, small breweries, etc., and can produce more than 600 pots per year. The composition of the four-unit saccharification equipment container 1. Saccharification pot: a process in which the malt is crushed and enters the saccharification pot to form wort. 2. Gelatinizer: used for boiling mash. 3. Filter tank or filter press: filter the wort. 4. Boiling pot: used for boiling wort. In order to improve the daily saccharification pot times of the brewery, the saccharification workshop is also equipped with 1. Temporary storage tank: when the boiling pot is occupied, it can be used for the temporary storage of the first wort. 2. Gyratory settling tank: It can be used when the boiling pot does not double as the gyratory settling tank.