The Development Of Beer Preservation Barrels

- Mar 21, 2018-

1. Manufacturers began to launch special edition, limited edition beer preservation barrels: After the successful development of durable beer preservation barrels, consumers and collectors became interested in these colorful preservation barrels.

2. The Great Leap Forward in the Manufacturing Technology of Fresh-keeping Barrels: By the 1960s, canned beers began to become globally popular, but consumers had to endure the taste of canned beer that was not pure and had metallic taste. After many years of technological improvement, a new fresh-keeping bucket was born – a special water-based coating was used on the inner surface to prevent the beer from directly contacting the metal can and ensure the flavor of the beer.

3, three types of old-fashioned preservation barrels: The three types of old-fashioned preservation barrels are: flat tops, cone tops, and top pull tops. The earliest designed fresh-keeping barrels are flat-topped, and consumers need tools with spiked shapes. Pierce the top to open this type of beer preservation barrel.