The Fermenter Tank Flying

- Apr 19, 2018-

The Craft beer equipment project Shunlong Machinery cooperate with China Lijiang Zhongying Group

Zhongying Group cooperate with Shunlong Machinery Co,.Ltd , making an order of 1000L beer equipment used for craft beer bar.


18th April 2018, the equipment arrived to Lijiang, it installed at the 3th floor. The space of the stairs is too narrow to transit the beer equipment, so that the cranes are used to lift all the big tanks to the third floor. Also the window are dismantled.

Before the delivery, we talked clearly with the clients, and made a few plans according to the site condition.

It turns out all of our efforts makes sense, all the equipment got their place in good condition. Also, our engineer and technologist are get ready to finish the installation and the beer brewing training.