The Four Elements To Handle In Self-Brewing Beer

- Nov 23, 2018-

What are the four elements that Self-brewing needs to grasp in its own brew? Let's take a look at this:
1, stable
Mainly refers to the relatively stable winemaking process conditions, including various ingredients ratios, the main conditions for entering the pool, such as entering the pool starch, entering the pool water, entering the pool acidity, entering the pool temperature and other indicators, can not be high and low, suddenly small.
2, accurate
The first point of quasi-'' is the accuracy of the ingredients, and its key quality control point is the grain ratio, which can not be estimated or said. The relevant containers such as fermented grains and measured water must be accurately measured or weighed at least once. The changes in the temperature of fermented grains, acid, starch, sugar, and alcohol should be carefully analyzed and observed, and the use of laboratory data to guide production should be learned. Strengthen work responsibility.
3, fine
Mainly refers to meticulous operations, including raw materials, comminution suitable, ingredients operation, rice inspection field operation, assembly distillation operation, fermentation operation and management, etc. must be fine, can not be rough, can not rush the time, rush off work.
4, net
Brewing operation should pay attention to civilized production, clean and hygienic, including raw and auxiliary materials to be cleaned, miscellaneous, steamed and miscellaneous, must not use mildew, fever and lumbering raw materials; Curveroom, Micha, winemaking equipment, utensils, fermentation containers, wine storage containers, etc. should be cleaned and cleaned, and if necessary, sterilized and sterilized. Where the sewage is full of ground, the wine is full, and the bottom pot water is not cleaned for a long time, it is not clean.
As long as you grasp the above four elements, your own brewing beer will certainly be liked by everyone, and in the process of brewing, you must also master the various indicators of good wine. Such as: the color of the wine, the concentration of maltose, the alcohol, the severity of bitterness, the amount of foam, and the temperature of the wine at the entrance. Beer Equation Double-flow Film Method