The Role Of Foam In Beer

- Mar 21, 2018-

The foam in the beer can also soften the bitterness of the hops and the irritating properties of the alcohol. When the beer is poured into the cup, the foam can rise from the cup. The foam is delicate, white, wall, and long-lasting. The quality of the beer is also good, the stability of the bubble is related to the surface tension of the liquid, and the tension is also related to the temperature. According to the experiment, the foam of the beer is the most at 10°C-12°C, and it is durable and has the best taste.

The foam in the beer can make the beer cool, refreshing and heat-relieving because the foam is promoted by the beer being filled with carbon dioxide. After entering the stomach, the carbon dioxide expands when it is heated, and it is discharged through snoring. Take part of the body heat to achieve the effect of heat dissipation, digestion, and heatstroke.