The Sharing Of Our Domestic Customer

- May 04, 2018-

In the date of the beginning November 2017, we finished one order of 1000L beer brewing system for customer in Anyang city Henan Province.

Here I would like to introduce the whole system roughly.

The brewhouse is two tank three vessels also include one hot liquor tank. The heating method is steam heating with a steam generator.

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The fermentation tank capacity is 2000L, with the quantity of 6.

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The glycol tank capacity is 3000L with glycol belt in the inner of the tank, the refrigerating machine adopt with 2* 5hp capacity, so that, even if one refrigerating machine is out of work, the another one can still work.

Regarding to the beer selling, there is a storefront in front of the brewery. They filling the beer to the plastic bucket and the beer kegs to take-out or sell directly in there beer store.

As to the beer filling, there is a device I want to introduce: “the isobar filling device”, it is used to filling the plastic bottle, firstly, it fill the pressure to the bottle same as the fermentation tank, after fill full the bottle, the pressure will be out. With this device, the filling speed will be faster and easier.