The Temperature At Which The Beer Is Stored And The Suitable Temperature At Which The Beer Is Stored

- Nov 09, 2018-

Experts remind consumers that beer must not be frozen and the best drinking temperature is around 8 °C to 10 °C.
Experts said that the freezing point of beer is -l.5 °C. Frozen beer is not only not good to drink, but also destroys the nutritional composition of beer, causing the protein in the liquor to decompose and dissociate, and at the same time it is prone to bottle bursts, causing injury accidents. In fact, the solubility of the carbon dioxide contained in beer varies with temperature, and the appropriate temperature can balance the various components of beer. At about 8 °C -10 °C, beer will give people the best taste.
Storage of beer
Some beer dealers often buy a certain amount of beer storage, and people often buy several cases of beer at the New Year holiday. Since beer is a very sensitive drink, you should know the right way to store it.
First, do not place high temperature. When beer is placed in a high temperature environment for a long time, its taste harmony will be destroyed, and the bitter quality and tannins of wine flowers will be oxidized. In particular, the color of beer will turn red and turbidity will also occur in advance. For example, beer stored at a temperature of 20 °C will be 6 to 9 times earlier than the time when turbidity is caused at 5 °C. Therefore, beer is best kept in a cool place or in a refrigerated room.
Second, do not expose in the sun. In summer, some restaurants or distribution units have nowhere to store in, and they are placed in the open air. This will also shorten the shelf life and affect the taste of beer. Beer that goes through the sun produces an unpleasant odor. Therefore, beer bottles are usually brown or green bottles to shade light, reduce photochemical interactions, and maintain the quality of beer.
Third, it is to drink during the preservation period. When the beer is filled in the instant of the container, no matter what ideal conditions are placed, the fresh taste of beer will gradually lose over time. If you want to truly taste the taste of beer, you can only drink it as fresh as possible. Can be completely achieved. When the beer is placed for a long time, the color of the beer will become dark, and turbidity and precipitation will occur due to various conditions, as well as oxidation taste. Although this beer is still drinkable, it has mainly lost its flavor, so do not store beer for too long.
Beer drinking methods
First, you must master the temperature of drinking. Some friends like cold beer on a hot summer day. If the temperature of the beer is controlled at 6-8 °C, it will not be lost as a good product for quenching thirst. However, if it is too cold, it will change the original flavor of the beer below 3 °C and it will be difficult to bubble when poured into the glass. The protein contained in the beer also forms a white precipitate. Although there is no problem with the hygiene of this kind of beer, it destroys the harmony of the beer aroma and turns into a messy taste.
Second, use a clean glass to pour wine. Often some friends do not foam when pouring beer. Most of the reasons for this phenomenon are dirty glasses, especially those stained with grease. The main reason is that foams containing carbon dioxide gases lose surface tension by touching fats, and the ability to maintain foams is reduced. There are also detergents left on the glass during washing that will also make the beer foaming worse.
Third, do not shake the bottle violently before opening the bottle. Some friends see the beer poured out of foam, shake before opening the bottle and then open the bottle. This will cause the carbon dioxide force in the bottle to escape suddenly, causing the foam to burst out. Not only will a large amount of liquor be wasted, but also dirty underwear, affecting drinking mood.
Fourth, we must master the correct method of pouring a glass. When the beer is poured into the glass, fall slowly along the glass wall. The height of the bottle mouth is 3 to 5 cm from the glass. The ratio of liquor to foam in the cup is 3 to 2. When you drink, you can have a good pleasure and give you the best enjoyment.