Stainless Steel Conical Bottom Tank

Conical degree: 60
Pipes: two side welding
Manhole: pressure type
Temperature: controlled automatically
Cooling: Glycol jacket
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Product Details

1, can be automatically cleaned, more thorough sterilization, bacteria contamination opportunities, conducive to aseptic operation, both to save costs, but also reduce the labor intensity.
2, because the circular cone-shaped tank is a closed pressure fermentation, reducing the loss of hop bitter substances, which can reduce the amount of hops about 15%.
3, cylindrical conical fermenter with a cone at the end of the recovery of yeast fermenter convenience.
4, cylindrical conical fermenter cans, conical bottom with a cooling jacket, easy to control the fermentation temperature is conducive to the settlement and preservation of yeast, simple operation, good sanitary conditions.


Fermenting System

Main Tanks

Conical fermentation tanks,BBT.the qty depend on you


500L or 1000L depend on the brew time one day.


Food grade sus304


Polyurethane/Rock wool, thickness: 80mm

Cooling Way

Ice water belt,dimple cooling jacket

Cone Bottom

60┬░/75┬░resist compression design

Fermenting Pressure

Design pressure 0.3MPa; Working pressure 0.15Mpa

The Parts

The pressure gauge, thermomter, spray ball,pipes.and other valves


Yeast has aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration in fermentation tank. Turn sugar into CO2 and alcohol. Finally we get original beer

Cooling System

Main Tanks

1500L Ice water tank,5P refrigerating unit


Compressor is USA copeland


Polyurethane/Rock wool, thickness: 80mm

Cooling Media

Glycol water or alcohol water

The Parts

All need valves,pipes,pumps for cooling


Cool down wort when fermentation tank temperature is high. Control fermentation carries on under appropriate temperature. Sometime, ice water is also used to cold down hot wort before wort goes into fermentation tank

Cleaning System

Main Tanks

100L alkali tank,sterilization tank


Clean all tanks before brewing beer or finish brewing beer. Use NaOH to clean firstly, secondly is H2O2, finally is water. Then begin to brew beer

Control System

Main part

One plc control cabinet with touch screen


Control all the pump and motor. Control mashing system and CIP system manually, control fermentation tank temperature automatically.