Stainless Steel Conical Cooling Tank

The Stainless Steel Conical Cooling Tank is widely used in the dairy industry, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage and other industrial sectors.
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This kind of Stainless Steel Conical Cooling Tank adopts a single layer stainless steel construction. The inside is welded by arc transition, there is no blind angle and easy for cleaning. The structural design is humanized and is simple to operate. The tank is equipped with an automatic rotary spray head. The jacket can pass low-temperature cooling water, the transmission part adopts mechanically sealing and the explosion-proof motor to ensure production safety. In addition, the Stainless Steel Conical Cooling Tank uses a sterile system to avoid and prevent microbial contamination in the air, greatly extending the shelf life and the purity of the product. It has the advantages of energy saving, noise reduction, corrosion resistance, strong production capacity and convenient to cleaning. The Stainless Steel Conical Cooling Tank is widely used in the dairy industry, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage and other industrial sectors.

1. capacity and materials
Tank capacity should be matched with the ability to saccharification, capacity factor of 80% to 85%. Material generally made of carbon steel or stainless steel.

2. cans shape
The lower part of the tank is an inverted cone, and the wort, yeast and beer enter or exit at the conical bottom, and the recovery of the yeast after the fermentation is convenient. The yeast strain used should be a yeast strain with good agglutination and sedimentation. Cone angle is generally believed that the angle of 60 degrees to 85 degrees most appropriate. We used in the design cone angle of 60 degrees, the bottom surface of the cone as much as possible, so that the settlement and the elimination of yeast.

3. tank fermentation broth due to the height of the carbon dioxide generated by the gradient and control the cooling direction, you can make the fermentation broth from bottom to top or from top to bottom of the natural convection movement, the convection can ensure that the entire liquor temperature is uniform. The higher the general tank, the stronger the convection, so tank height should be properly controlled, so as to avoid the flow of Sheng.

4. tank cooling jacket
The tank is equipped with a jacket, but the refrigerant is cooled indirectly with 25% ethylene glycol or ethanol, and can also be directly cooled with liquid ammonia. Cooling area to be able to meet the cooling requirements of the process.

5. Cylinder cooling jacket
Depending on the tank height can be divided into 2-3 uniform distribution, the upper edge of the jacket should be completed at the working capacity of the height; cone section should also be set a cooling jacket, the cooling area should be less than Cone surface area of 70%, the cooling area should be as close as possible cone bottom, is conducive to the settlement and preservation of yeast. Refrigerant temperature should not be too low, should be a 2.0 degrees Celsius between 11 degrees Celsius, in order to avoid freezing of beer or fermentation broth.

6. cooling jacket can be rectangular, trapezoidal, arc, semicircle and Miller board.
Due to the plate heat exchange in the Miller plate, the refrigerant is also disturbed by the honeycomb spot, showing turbulent heat transfer and significantly improved heat transfer coefficient. The Miller plate saves energy by more than 10% compared with other jackets.

7. set the temperature measurement point correctly
Conical fermenter should be set in each cooling zone temperature measurement point, the tank cold zone for the 2,3 segment, the cone is 1, so the temperature set point 3-4. Temperature resistance generally used platinum resistance plus stainless steel casing. Temperature measurement point should be located in the upper section of the cooling zone, the resistance of the installation of the casing are tilted down by 45 degrees from the vertical direction to insert. The depth of insertion is about 1/3 of the tank radius. In the design of conical tank, the tank top with oval head, set in the tank top safety valve.



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