Stainless Steel Conical Fermentation Tanks

Height: depends
Weight: 100kg-3T
Legs: adjustable
Welding: no dead corner
Inner: polishing
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Stainless Steel Conical Fermentation Tanks

Cylindrical conical fermenter is the world's current fermenter, the tank body is cylindrical, the tank top is arc-shaped, the bottom is conical, with a considerable height (height greater than the diameter), the tank is equipped with cooling and insulation device, For the whole closed fermenter. Cylindrical conical fermenter is suitable for the fermentation below, also apply to the above fermentation, processing is very convenient. Due to its advantages in many aspects, the vertical cylindrical cone fermenter invented by the German brewer has been gradually popularized and used all over the world through continuous improvement and development.

Conical fermenter basic structure
① tank top part
The top of the tank is a dome-shaped structure. The central opening is used for placing a detachable large-diameter flange for installing the CO2 and CIP pipes and their connecting pieces. The tank top also has an anti-vacuum valve, an overpressure valve and a pressure sensor, The inside of the tank is equipped with a washing device, and a platform and a channel for tank top operation are also installed.

② tank part
Cylinder body is the main part of the tank. The height of the fermentor depends on the diameter and height of the cylinder. Due to the large diameter of the tank pressure is low, the general cone tank diameter does not exceed 6m. The tank is easier to process than the tank top, the outside of the tank is used to install cooling devices and insulation, and a certain location to install temperature and pressure measurement components. The cooling layer of the tank part has a variety of forms, such as coil, Miller pull, jacket type, and is divided into 2 to 3 sections, with the pipeline leads to the cooling medium into the tube connected to the cooling layer covered with polyurethane hair Plastic foam and other insulation materials, insulation layer and then pack a layer of aluminum or stainless steel, but also the use of colored steel for the protective layer.

drawing FT.png

③ the bottom of the cone
The angle between the bottom of the cone is generally 60 ~ 80 & ordm, there are 90 ~ ~ 110 & ordm, but this is mostly used for large-capacity fermenter. The height of the conical bottom of the fermentor is related to the included angle. The smaller the included angle is, the higher the conical bottom part is. General cone bottom height of the total height of about 1/4, not more than 1/3. Conical bottom of the outer wall should be set cooling layer to cool the bottom cone yeast. Conical bottom should also be installed in and out of the pipeline, valves, mirrors, temperature measurement, pressure sensing sensors and so on.
In addition, the tank diameter and height ratio is usually 1: 2 ~ 1: 4, the total height of the best not to exceed 16m, so as not to cause strong convection, affecting yeast and coagulation settlement. Made of stainless steel or carbon steel can be used, if the use of carbon steel, the tank wall must be coated with beer has no effect on the taste and non-toxic paint. Fermentor working pressure can be determined according to the working nature of the tank, the working pressure of the general fermenter control 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa. The inner wall of the tank must be smooth and smooth, the inner wall of the stainless steel tank should be polished, and the inner wall paint of the carbon steel tank should be uniform, with no concave and convex surface and no granular protrusions.


The certifications

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