300L Micro Brewery Cost

300L Micro Brewery Cost

Capacity:300L Materail : sus304 Warranty: 3 years Produce time : 40days Estimated cost: 25000-29000$
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Product Details

Project name : micro-brewery whole system

Capacity: 300L

Brewhouse: 2 vessels 

Fermenters: 300L or 600L 

Output: 4000-8000 liters per month 

Warranty: 3 YEARS 

New Equipment display 

A PART: 300L brewhouse-- Mash tun Boiling kettle/ Lauter tun Whirlpool tank 

B PART: Fermentation tanks 300L or 600L 

Equiped with 5-6 fermentation tanks 

C PART: Glycol tank & chiller 

D Part: CIP 

E PART: Control cabinet 

F PART: Malt crusher 

Equipment transport

All the parts can be contained in a 20ft container, the layout of the container is like the picture below.

Project needed area 

The 300L micro brewery equipment take 25-30 square meter. The layout is like the CAD drawings below.

The shipping cost to port of Africa is like below

the cost is just for your reference, because it is changing all the time. 

So, the whole project cost is about 27000-28000$ . 

Informed: The exact price will be quoted if you ask, if you want to be our AGENT in your market, you will get a better price.