Portable Mixing Tanks

Material: Sanitary
Mixer: controlled
Motor speed: adjustable
Advantage: equipped wheels
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Product Details

Applicable range:
1. It can be used as liquid storage tank, liquid composing tank, temporary storage tank and disinfection tank etc.
2. Ideal in fields such as foods, dairy products, fruit juice beverages, pharmacy, chemical industry and biological engineering etc.

Structure Characteristics:
1. Three-jacket stainless steel structure is adopted.
2. Materials are all sanitary stainless steel.
3. Humanized structure design and easy to operate.
4. Transition area of interior wall on tank adopts arc for transition to ensure no dead corner of sanitation.


Product description:
Lower shell cover, upper flat cover flange, with jacket and heat preservation
Collocation: Integrated with view light mirror, respirator, membrane tank bottom valve, sampling point, sprinkling ball and membrane manometer. 30-500L cubage models for option, or to be designed and processed as per users' requirements.
Working Pressure: Inner barrel and jacket are both pressured, 0.1-1.0MPa pressures for option.
Structure and collocation can be designed to users' actual technological requirements.
Our company designs different kinds of non-standard mobile storage tanks according to users' requirements.


Product process:
Material: Good Quality SS 304/316------- Auto Welded Machinery------- Skilled Welder Operation------ Pressure Testing---------- High Presicion Measurement--------- Tank Cleaning--------packing and delivery

1.Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
A: RAYEN is a professional manufacturer.
2.Q: How could we confirm the details of the products?
A: RAYEN will provide the detail drawings for you to confirm.
3.Q: How long the warranty will be?
A: 1 Year warranty.
4.Q: Can we become your distributor in our country?
A: Yes, we very welcome you! More details will be discussed if you are interested in being our agent.